Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey peoples!

     Just to do an intro, I'm Raul... if you're in my class you already know me and who I am ( at least a little bit), but I'll explain a tad more before I start talking about random stuff.

Well my full name is Raul Armando Zaldivar III (the third), I was born in Chicago, and my family moved to Florida cause they hate being cold. I used to go to a dance academy, and immediately after ending this I started playing soccer (which would end up being my longest played sport) and doing gymnastics both at Holiday Park. I've through growing up done almost any/every sport from Rugby, soccer, fencing, sailing, swimming, all the way down the list to lacrosse and getting payed to play video games ( all though I'm not sure you would call that a sport).
     Unfortunately, I had to end almost all of my physical activities in late Middle School due to imperial tendinitis... and to save you the quick Google search that means my tendon slips out of the socket when I use it too much. After reading a book last year titled "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall, I discovered a very pain-free way of exercising and ever since then it's hard to find me on a day when I'm not doing something outdoors... well no matter.
      In High School, my first class of Freshman year was in this scary and cold room on the first floor of building two... I remember getting to class extra early to see this weird guy sitting in front of a computer screen almost completely ignoring us students... After sitting through this class of him telling us about what he expected of us, how the year was going to be difficult, and how we were going to learn more in this class than any other our whole year. Needless to say, no one took him seriously and we were given a packet to read.... me being the smart-ass underclassman I was, I didn't as much as look at that packet when I got home only to get to school the next day and have a 100 question test on those 2 pages given to us only a day prior.. I'm pretty sure that everyone in my class failed along with me. The point of saying all of this, is that at the end of that semester I was shaking Mr. Wakefield's hand and letting him know I'd be sticking with him and the Debate Program for the rest of as long as I can help. He was right in every aspect, I learnt more in debate by far than I ever hoped to learn in any of my other classes, and by sticking with debate I can happily and easily say my intelligence has gone up ten-fold... I went from that dumb underclassman, to now a semi-intelligent half decent debater/student/boyfriend.
      Me being me, I could never leave out my girlfriend... she's perfect, and in every way possible exceeding any sort of expectation a guy could have for the girl of his dreams. I'm not going to say her name... but if you don't know by now just ask the teachers, cause they know.

Thanks for bearing with me!
Have a great day!


  1. Although I had already knew you seemed complexed, I didn't think you were that "cool." this post was really informative of your childhood. I loved your detail of mr. Wakefeild and Andree. Your entry, being the first I've read gave me insight as to what I should cover in my first blog post. Thanks. -Jazmine

  2. Oh my God. Memories! I remember his tests! I officially feel like a stalker. Officially.

  3. Thanks Jazmine ! I appreciate knowing someone bothered to read the whole thing :P

    And does that mean you were un'officially' stalking me before... ? O.o