Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sleep? You're kidding right?

NO. I'm not.

I just spent all of last night out at homecoming... then back at my house for a bit.. then I was told that there was an after party going on just down the street. Needless to say, I tossed on a pair of pajamas, and had a nice little jog down the street just two minutes later. Many an hour later, and many a physical activity/confrontation later, I was in a car on the way home. Where of course the night was still young! I had a friend over and we didn't end up sleeping till a while after then (we made an epic fort). Unfortunately, the night always has to end... the crazy thing, is that no matter when I fall asleep, I always wake up between 7, and 9 in the morning!
A pence to anyone who can guess when I fell asleep, and woke up!

But why does this all matter?
BECAUSE I NEED MY SLEEP! Every night when I do something like this I of course enjoy it and have a great time... but the 'groggy' feeling that I'm left with just makes me not wanna get out of bed...
This gets me to my main point which is that sleep is one of the most important things for any person next to eating and drinking!

Problems that are associated with lack of sleep are fatigue, daytime sleepiness (can I hear an Amen?), weight loss/gains, muscle aches, depression, hallucinations, headaches, eye bags, increased blood pressure, increased stress hormone levels, increased risk of diabetes, obesity... and to top it all off, the most common and odd symptom... yawning! 

That's right kids! Sleeping can help solve our obesity problem! So the next time you might feel like going outside to play a sport, or be active... just go inside and take a nice nap instead ;)
Or should you...?


  1. Cure Obesity by sleeping! I like how you added a personal touch to this social problem. Maybe you should have wrote about how yawning is contagious... I am interested about that.

  2. Yess, sleep in stead of work out to lose weight. I like it. All these blogs made me realize that I need to sleep more. Tanks!

  3. I agree with Denitsa. Sleeping> working out anyday. Gosh, that'd be so perfect. And woah, that's a lot of problems associated with sleep...

  4. My sleeping habits are justified! Weeeelll, I'm inspired to sleep now! :D