Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More on Sleep and Other Boring and Stupid Stuff....

Since I don't particularly care for the whole teenage subculture, I'm gonna bypass the whole drugs and alcohol peer pressure bullcrap and hit the target in the center for what's relevant to my life.

I'm not sure what to begin with, either my girlfriend, or my normal friends.... gimme a minute to flip a coin!

Alright everyone, it's girlfriend first.
Well peer pressure, I find to be relevant in my day to day life. Of course I would love to claim it doesn't effect me in the least bit, but to be honest, it's hard finding a part of my (or anyone's) life that is mostly their own. In concerns to my girlfriend, I've suffered through peer pressure on two separate occasions both relevant to my allergies. The first one I recall was the 2nd or 3rd time I had the pleasure of interacting with her parents, and the first time I had the pleasure of having dinner at her house. Needless to say, when I'm at a house of French people that come from a village renowned for their mustard... I'm gonna be offered mustard. Me, being the kinda guy I am (a jackass obviously), welcomed the idea to try some of this world famous Dijon mustard from my girlfriends father (to not seem rude or impolite). Unbeknown to my girlfriend and her family... I was actually and still am pretty darned reactive towards mustard and mustard seen when it comes to allergies -.-'
I lived, and moved on... but I recall this happening a second time.... it was just as bad.

The only other times I ever succumb to the demon temptress that of which is peer pressure, is when I'm hanging out with my two friends Marshal, and Jake.
They're both video game geeks who while one of them (Marshal) just wants to stay in and stay up all night playing video games, the other one (Jake) wants to hop in his car at two in the morning to someone's party so we can laugh at hammered teenagers who can't stand.

Scenario one: Marshal
Whenever Marshal and myself hang out... it's normally on a Friday or Saturday from a little after noon to just before noon the next day... the only problem is, that this kid NEVER WANTS TO SLEEP. It's quite annoying if I may say so myself. I understand it's fun to deprive ones' self from physical rest.. and I can enjoy it from time to time... but when there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do, just go to sleep man... don't make me feel all bad for getting a little tired so we stay up all night watching Deadliest Warrior while drinking Purple Drank and playing Xbox/League of Legends... cause half of the time I'll do it and then feel all crappy the next day.

Scenario two: Jake
I had already though Marshal was high maintenance, but oh boy was I wrong. Just last weekend I was up from about 8 in the morning till 6 in the morning the next day cause of this kid wreaking of illicit substances and lookin' a mess. After I was done with homecoming and after my girlfriend had gone home I was kinda home alone for the time being. He wanted to hang out since he didn't have anything to do, and like the good friend I am I said he could come over.... 30 minutes later I find out he's at a party down the street looking after his brother. Like the easily influenced retarded teenager I am, I headed out at 11:20 with pj's on and no shirt ( I found one at the house I was going too). Needless to say, I got there, tons of drunk kids were being drunk, we laughed, we cried, stuff died, then 5 hours later (which I had originally thought to be just 2 hours) we were headed back over to my house...

All I got to say about peer pressure, is that it sucks. I like my sleep you darned children, don't deprive me of it.... or I shall flay you.

(speaking of sleep deprivation, Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim is being released on Friday... both Marshal and Jake are coming to my house for an over 24 hour long video game marathon so we can be lonely, together :D   )



  1. party right? Lol. I completely agree with your examples because the same things apply to my friends. I love my sleep and most of the time they are trying to talk to me while I'm slowly slipping away into a deep sleep. A man needs his sleep!!

  2. I total agree with a man needs his sleep. I get so annoyed when my phone is constantly going off when I'm trying to sleep, it gets so annoying. Great Blog Raul.

  3. This is an interesting topic. I'm looking forward to hearing about your research project. I also like the different scenarios.

  4. Hahahaha wow, I never knew that about Marshal! Well nice blog. You should just do what you wanna do and your friends should respect that.

  5. I like all the life examples of peer pressure. I think you shouldn't have submitted to parent pressure, you should have not taken risks with your health. That is more important.

  6. I hope you have changed the names to protect the guilty.