Friday, December 9, 2011

He is... the pack leader.

Not everyone knows, him... I wouldn't have known about him if it wasn't for my mother (probably not but I'm just saying this to emphasize how not well-known he is). This guy is the Ghostbusters of the dog therapy and handling business...The Maroone of car sales... the Zeus of mount Olympia. He's pretty much the 'ish'.


I wish :/

          This guy truly does have a great story though. When you think of migrating to America in hopes of achieving the American dream this man IS the American dream. He grew up on a farm somewhere in Mexico-land and didn't live in poverty per-se, but who doesn't really live in poverty in Mexico? At the age of 21 he crossed the border between Mexico and the U.S. illegally in order to try and make a better life for himself. At the time he had no possessions, knew no one in America, and didn't know a lick of English. From there, he worked with the most aggressive dogs at a grooming shelter in Cali (Swag). After working for a period of time, he gained a following and had saved up some monies, so he opened up his own shelter with all of his regular clients called the Pacific Point Canine Academy.

           He didn't necessarily have much money at this time (he would be considered a lower middle class citizen) and worked as a limousine driver for Jada Smith who adored him and provided him with an english tutor for a year. After all of this, he opened up the Dog Psychology center in LA. From here, he just shot straight up... he became a legal resident in 2000, a T.V. program host (Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan on National Geographic) in 2004 (still running today), and a legal citizen in 2009! Now this man truly did go from rags, to riches. He is now worth an estimated 80 million all earned from being the Alpha male, and an assertive pack leader!

Now get out there you hooligans and walk dogs.


  1. I never heard of Caesar, but his story is amazing. good job!

  2. That's so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. He was in Mexico and jumped over the border? Nice.
    That's really awesome how he's now worth about $80 million!
    Oh and by the way, when I first opened up your page and began reading your blog, I thought that was it because the space you left was soo bigg. Then I was wondering where the comments were, SO I scrolled down and found the rest of your blog.
    ... Yeah. :D

  3. Wow. He really is the American dream. And he knew Jada Smith when he was poor, that's pretty cool. He has a nice story.

  4. Never heard of this guy, but he really is amazing. It's just... Wow.

  5. Does he have legal papers now? Just wondering, I don't care if he doesn't. I have heard this story before, and it is wonderful! Great and predictable pick. :)