Thursday, December 1, 2011

PPshh... my money is OLDER than yours!


          Social stratification, while Marxists would  claim it's horrible and useless for society, I believe to be very useful and absolutely necessary  for all of societies functions and actions. Our discussion in Sociology this morning solidified my feelings of this, where when glossing over the subject I felt impartial, now I feel more adamanet  over the necessity of the poverse as well as the super-rich.

    Social stratification occurs in four different ways (for four different reasons);  Age, Class (monies), Gender, and Ethnicity. For age, this means discrimination based upon how old/young you are. In a social setting, this could mean not getting accepted into the condominium building you applied to because the old(ish) people that own the building don't want rowdy teenagers disturbing their neighbors.... Class generally follows suit and can also be applied to this example. If you too po, then you ain't gon' get in the building yo. That claim is quite legitimate though, if you can barely afford to enter the complex then you really have no reason to join.

         When it comes to gender... it opens up a whole new world of inequality and stratification though... it bring in the whole issue of male superiority (if you really wanna call it an issue). This will cause problems from anything like simple team composition choices, to complex things like salary and basic/mean income rates. Gender is always gonna be an issue in my opinion, until people just decide to take a chill pill and just get on with life... cause cause my genetic makeup makes me inherently better than you doesn't mean you have to complain about it all of the time and make support groups... we're systematically disadvantaged when it comes to almost anything as well,  but you don't see us gathering for our next Masculine meeting... -.-'


          Lastly, there is Ethnicity... ohh ethnicity.... I'm not even gonna start. It's bad, we know. It's always gonna be bad, I know. There's nothing we can do other than just come to an understanding that outward appearance is irrelevant when it comes to the value of a human life.... it's just idiocracy.


  1. good job. i like how you described each of the four ways social stratification occurs. i also think you're right about the gender situation, somewhat, because females and males are different in many ways and trying to make us EXACTLY equal makes no sense because it can and will never happen; unless some weird female-male hybrid is created or something :B.

  2. I agree... with your last statement and a few others. Nice job I enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. I loved your comments on the 4 reasons, they are really entertaining. I agree with your point of view about Marxism at the beginning. Keep up the good work!

  4. lol at the title. I agree, divisions are necessary, and with pretty much everything else. I think ethnicity and gender will never go away. Age too. And class. Equality is just impossible, period.

  5. I also agree that social stratification is important and necessary. I believe that class and gender are predominant element in social inequality in America

  6. I love your last paragraph! Everything you said was true and entertaining, but your last paragraph made me laugh.