Monday, March 19, 2012

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Lookin' like a fool, with your pants on the ground!

Our topic this time around is the force and/or institutions involved with shaping popular culture. For this topic, just as many others have already stated... I believe the driving force in our society is High Culture. High Culture, is the style and way of living present within the high echelon/classes of society.
My reasoning behind such a claim, is that the second people attain finances, most of the time they will be used for living style upgrades... whether it's your car, your house, or even the clothes on your back. The only reason they have TV shows completely dedicated to analyzing and praising the clothing that celebrities wear on the red carpet, is to allow the rest of society know what the current trending styles are.
Now I don't personally believe it's all 100% one sided. There is still a little ebb to this flow... and my title does a good job of pointing this out. Popular culture even now has society wide trends that arise from the lower classes. In prison, you are forced to wear clothing without belts or means of supporting, which has diffused and spread out of prison, even upwards. You would imagine that this kind of fashion statement only stick with persons who either
1: Experienced this first hand in prison.
2: Can't afford belts and use hand-me-down clothing that are too large.

Yet still, on a daily basis I see persons who don't fit either category, but still let their pants hand around their ankles. This isn't something that occurs within the lower classes, but even friends of mine who are quite well off refuse to wear a belt let-alone purchase a pair of pants that actually fit them.

I suppose all I gotta say about all of this, is that it's all about the persons in power. Because if famous musicians were to act and dress a certain way, without a pause in the heartbeat that of which is adolescent teens, it would be mirrored not only in America, but most likely across the world.


  1. The title made me chuckle. And yea, I agree that the drawing factor is high culture.

  2. Lol at the title. Anyway, thats really true. High culture infuences, but so does the popular culture

  3. Hehe your title is so amazing. Yeah, I basically agree with what you have said.