Monday, March 26, 2012

Poverty? Not for my kids!

A main theory in sociology involved the cycle that of which is poverty. A lot of sociologists claim it's something people are unwillingly thrown into and is a result of our capitalist bourgeois nation... some other sociologists claim it's a perpetual cycle that is never ending and generation entrapping... and the last facet of poverty niche sociologists will claim it's just a temporary occurrence that is easily attainable and very much escapable (totally not a word).

I'm personally on the side that claims it's not a never ending cycle, and I definitely don't believe that poverty stricken persons aren't there because of the capitalist swine in charge of this country. I just believe it's something that happens, because in any country you visit you will find someone who is in poverty whether it's the communist Soviet Union of the 1900s, the uber socialist France of the 21st century, or even the capitalist U.S. from forever.

Not only that, but just with personal experience I know poverty, and can say that I in no way feel oppressed, I don't feel stuck in a circle of poverty, and I think given time things can change for myself.

Word out.