Monday, April 9, 2012

I have a friend in China.... try saying that and have someone believe you a hundred years ago.

No, seriously... try it.

Globalization (or globalisation for all of you weirdos) is the increasingly global relationships of culture, people, and economic activity. This is anything from a restaurant chain expanding from one border to another, or something a little more personal like a family migration.

I suppose there are quite a few people who claim there are negative affect of globalization. These reasons are pretty basic and most have to do with culture. An example of this is that there can be negative affects on the development of civilizations when they skip stages. When a highly developed country like the US or someone in the EU contacts and trades with a low developed country like Uganda or the Republic of the Congo, then people who are culturally and intellectually unprepared for development can't handle such a change which causes social unrest.

But, in my opinion there are more benefits than downfalls to globalization. With the globalization of a world economy into countries that would have been excluded otherwise,  it allows for the addition of significantly more material wealth. If it weren't for globalization countries like the UAE wouldn't be tapping their resources such as crude oil in order to fund development. It also allows for societal development, like if a civilization were to sacrifice humans for a deity, globalization would mean that they would become aware of the possible human rights violation (if you would like to consider that an example).

But I suppose most of my opinion is generated by my Pro-American interventionism views.

I hope ya'll had a nice holiday weekend!


  1. What a long title. I still don't believe you though :D. Lol jk. Anyways good blog. I agree that globalisation is for the weirdos. Pfft. Foreigners.

  2. Interesting blog. Supportive facts for your pro-globalization stance

  3. I'll try it! And yeah. The benefits outweigh the non benefits.