Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm positively an interactionist!

The century long question..... Wich approach to sociology is better; Positivism, or Interactiois. Before I tell you what I believe (even though I'm already sure you know what I'm going to say), I'll quickly explain to you what each of them means. Positivism,is the relation of sociology, to natural and real sciences. Wherein sociology should be conducted in the same manner as other hard sciences. These persons will push for things such as questionnaires and statistical data. Interactionists, unlike positivists, attempt to understand the reasons behind the interactions that occur day to day. Interactionists tend to lean more towards the use of qualitative data collection and personal analysis to come to conclusions. I, am a positivist. I believe personally in the use of objective and quantitative data when it comes to social sciences. This is because I believe when people become subjective, any results that can be concluded from a study could have been interpreted differently, this not making it reliable. And I honestly have a hard time believing in something that would have different outcomes depending on the person reading a sheet of paper... Or asking questions.

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